Proper allocation of resources is a necessary condition for tidiness even when there is a large regular flow of people

Many years of work in the retail food industry have formed our strategic approach to organisation of the cleaning process and complex services for this type of facilities. Before we start, we analyse the distribution of buyer flows by time and determine the areas of their concentration. It helps us allocate the staff and equipment in the day and night time so that the client’s budget will be saved, and everything will be cleaned in accordance with the schedule.

Timing process charts — everything planned by minutes

The spatial procedure starts with the order in its support processes so we thoroughly develop the cleaning algorithm and create the detailed instructions that describe almost by minutes which part of the hall is to be cleaned, what cleaning agents are to be used, and what time it has to be. This approach enables us to distribute our cleaners’ timely properly and save the client’s budget.

Professional cleaning equipment is our speed and pride

Our inventory is made of only modern Swiss and German machines by Karcher and TASKI, both mains-operated for night cleaning and absolutely mobile with quick-to-charge batteries. We take good care of each piece of equipment and maintain it regularly to keep it in the maximum running order.

Reliable and pleasant staff

We pay a lot of attention to the looks of our staff and provide them with the aesthetic uniform, which is approved by the client when necessary. In addition to the looks of our staff, we take care of their health and make sure that they pass regular medical examinations, have medical certificates and get vaccinated.

Cleaning at HACCP standards

We are well aware of the requirements of the global quality standard HACCP for food enterprises and have fully adapted our cleaning services to that standard. In particular, we stick to the colour coding of tools, divide premises into coloured zones and clean each of them with their designated tools.

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Cleaning of premises
  • Regular cleaning;
  • Deep cleaning;
  • Post-construction cleaning.


Disinfecting premises from the coronavirus
  • Standard wet disinfection;
  • Disinfecting with the “cold fog” method.


Specialised cleaning
  • Washing windows and façades;
  • Crystallising marble and granite;
  • Dry-cleaning carpets and soft furniture;
  • Protecting surfaces with special agents, including protecting of entry zones from dirt;
  • Taking care of floors:
    • Washing solid floors with single-disc floor polishers;
    • Deep floor cleaning;
    • Cleaning solid surfaces with chemicals;
    • Polishing natural and artificial flooring;
    • Finishing natural and artificial flooring.


Removing mould and dry rot
  • Removing mould and rot on walls and other surfaces at the premises;
  • Removing spores;
  • Deep cleaning at different premises and surfaces;
  • Identifying the source of the rot and mould.


Cleaning outside
  • In winter:
    • Removing snow and ice;
    • Treating the area with anti-ice agents;
    • Cleaning roofs and removing icicles;
    • Emptying rubbish bins, cans, removing snow and rubbish;
    • Cleaning sidewalks, stairs and entrances;
    • Mechanical road and parking lot cleaning;
    • Sweeping and removing rubbish.
  • In summer:
    • Watering the area for less dust;
    • Mowing and watering lawns and flower beds;
    • Whitening decorative borders;
    • Removing rubbish from lawns;
    • Cleaning melt water drainage channels;
    • Sweeping and removing leaves in autumn;
    • Cleaning sidewalks, stairs and entrances;
    • Cleaning and washing rubbish bins, removing rubbish;
    • Mechanical road and parking lot cleaning.


Maintenance of the utility systems
  • Gas system;
  • Water supply and waste water disposal systems;
  • Air ventilation and conditioning systems;
  • Main and backup illumination systems;
  • Heating systems;
  • Cooling systems;
  • Fire extinguishing systems;
  • Low-voltage/electric power systems;
  • Delivery of spare parts and consumables.


Repair works
  • Minor repairs of fixtures;
  • Minor construction services;
  • Minor repairs of furniture.


Working at height
  • Washing windows, shop windows, any other structures and constructions at height;
  • Cleaning bearing constructions and façades of buildings;
  • Cleaning cable passages, walls, street lamps (atriums), channels, ventilation and conditioning systems, etc.;
  • Performing deep and post-construction cleaning at height;
  • Removing snow and ice from roofs;
  • Cleaning design elements, signs, etc.


Waste disposal
  • Removing and loading solid domestic waste, construction waste, utility waste, snow, leaves and branches, luminescent lamps;
  • Pressing utility waste;
  • Sorting rubbish.


Delivery of goods
  • Delivery of consumables, dispensers and chemicals to the sanitary zones;
  • Delivery of water, coffee and tea;
  • Delivery of consumer cards;
  • Control over availability of consumables in the sanitary zones and common areas.


  • Recruitment of temporary staff;
  • Human resource management;
  • Work time control.


Additional services
  • Pest control;
  • Special machinery and equipment hire;
  • Freight handling services;
  • Catering;
  • Administrative services (reception services);
  • Turn-key office relocation services;
  • Municipal agreement administration.



We do not merely clean and maintain your property. We make your world a better place.

We provide a package of services that ensure the operation, comfort and safety of different buildings and structures.

In addition to the above-listed standard facility services, we are always ready to perform non-standard, complex and urgent tasks.

We hear our clients, and it influences our work.