Cleaning outside

Cleaning outside

Weather conditions make their own adjustments to outside cleaning. The main winter challenge is to clean snow and ice. Professional equipment and adequate chemicals that are efficient and do not damage either the surface or the ground help perform this task. In warm seasons, the main task is to take care of plants and remove rubbish from the adjacent area.

In addition to seasonality, when outside cleaning is organised, we also consider flows of people and arrange the process on their basis. We allocate the resources so that the most crowded places will be clean.

In winter:

  • Removing snow and ice, by hand and machinery;
  • Treating the area with anti-ice agents;
  • Cleaning roofs and removing icicles, by hand and machinery;
  • Emptying rubbish bins, cans, removing snow and rubbish;
  • Cleaning sidewalks, stairs and entrances;
  • Mechanical road and parking lot cleaning;
  • Sweeping and removing rubbish.

In summer:

  • Watering the area for less dust;
  • Mowing and watering lawns and flower beds;
  • Whitening decorative borders;
  • Cleaning the rubbish off the area and lawns;
  • Cleaning melt water drainage channels;
  • Sweeping and removing leaves in autumn;
  • Cleaning sidewalks, stairs and entrances;
  • Cleaning and washing rubbish bins, removing rubbish;
  • Mechanical road and parking lot cleaning.

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