About the Company

Auris Company Group is a multifunctional entity that provides a wide range of services to take care of spaces of different types all over Ukraine.

We are proud to be a long-term facility partner for many local and international clients.
  • 2007    Establishing the company in Kyiv
  • 2010    Opening the office in Lviv
  • 2013    Opening the office in Kharkiv
  • 2018    Obtaining the ISO certification
  • 2020    Opening the offices in Odesa, expanding the company’s operations all over the country
  • 2021    Rebranding

MISSION: To maintain comfort in the environment and during cooperation with our clients and partners.

For our clients: to maintain the image of their brand at the high level and to create a positive partnership experience.

For our clients’ clients: to maintain comfort in the environment that pleases, inspires and improves the performance of the stay there.

For their natural environment: to treat natural resources consciously and carefully, to create the favourable work climate and ecological partnership.


STRATEGY: To win over the reputation of the respected world leader in the industry of facility services that offers solutions for spatial organization improving business performance.

To keep setting higher standards and to improve the client service in our industry in order to become a partner of the most progressive clients that highly appreciate comfort and understand its importance for their work.

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Each team of our work is controlled by our TOP team, and you can always contact them with your offers, feedback, etc.


Managing Partner of Auris
Company Group


Director of Auris Company Group om@auris-group.com


Head of the Southern Region, Auris Company Group m.syrbul@auris-group.com.ua


Head of the Western Region,
Auris Company Group

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Our people are our value and recipe for high quality. That is why we form our team with a lot of attention and integrity, based on the owner’s and the senior executive’s vision. We believe that a real well-coordinated team always starts with the captain his personal trains, principles and dedication.

Our senior executives are always open and ready to cooperate. The owner of Auris Company Group is immediately involved into the corporate life and operations, which brings special energy and attitude to the team and enables quick resolution of extraordinary tasks of different scale.

We invest into human resources and build the processes so that the influence of human factor will be reduced. We regularly assess the quality of our managers’ work based on the strict six-stage procedure. There is a candidate pool out of which the emergency response team is made in case of HR-related force-majeure circumstances.

One of our priorities is to create the comfortable and harmonious working environment. We value our team and keep working to improve the working conditions, career opportunities and corporate culture.

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