Environmental protection

The scope of our responsibility stretches far beyond the buildings. We take care of the environment in which the people work and rest. That is why environmental protection is our moral rather than formal duty.

When it comes to environmental standards, we look up to the best, watch the global trends in this area and development of green technologies to be introduced into our activity and integrated into the work processes.

We start with ourselves, our conscious and responsible consumption of natural resources, which we cultivate in our large team. Each of us changes this world for the better instead of waiting.

Occupational safety

Our team is our biggest value in practice. All the corporate processes are structured so that the most favourable working conditions will be created, and necessary requirements for occupational safety will be met.

Occupational safety and strict adherence to all the associated rules are our unconditional priority which we never neglect. Regular professional training, permissions for all types of works and medical examinations are mandatory. This way, we protect both our staff and clients.

We take care of the physical and emotional condition of our team because we treat them as people rather than resources in the first place.

Management quality

The high service level is a key element of our reputation, and we have been continuously working with it since the creation of Auris Company Group. The company has developed and introduced the Quality Management System consistent with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001 to make us better than yesterday. We analyse our work, performance and efficiency on a consistent basis to set new goals and improve the quality of our services and internal processes.

Anti-corruption policy

Our company’s stance is fundamental and absolutely unambiguous: we are against corruption and immoral business practices. All our resources are directed at the improvement of our services and prevailing quality.

Auris Company Group has chosen the path of fair competition. We appreciate our competitors’ achievements, but always focus on our own development, build ecological relations with our clients and contractors, thus improving our good name and reputation of the decent company.

Social responsibility

We find it important to encourage positive changes in Ukrainian society. We have joined this process with our responsible business and social activities. Auris Company Group supports development of the physical culture among the youth, namely rowing and water sports.

Also, Auris Company Group is happy to join charity projects and has cooperated with the Charitable Foundation “Blagomay” which helps children in orphanages and deals with their social adaptation in the real life.