Removing mould and dry rot

Removing mould and dry rot

Mould and dry rot are among the main causes of various allergies and other severe diseases. Before the mould is destroyed, we must clearly understand where it comes from, so our team performs the complex analysis. Following the analysis, our experts decide what type of mould it is, and what chemicals must be used to remove it. Few people know that mould and dry rot have lots of types. The main of them are:

  • Dry rot — it can be found on stones, other solid surfaces as well as paint. This type of mould can destroy construction materials almost entirely.
  • Blue rot — it can usually be seen on wooden surfaces that turn blue, with many droplets.
  • Rot of wood — it can mostly be seen on wooden surfaces as brown or white formation.

Our professionals know for sure how to get rid of the mould, and what must be done to ensure the highest quality.

Below are some of our services:

  • Removing mould and rot on walls and other surfaces at the premises.
  • Removing spores.
  • Deep cleaning at different premises and surfaces.
  • Identifying the source of the rot and mould to prevent recurrence.

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