Cleaning of premises

Cleaning of premises

The experience and expertise of our team help estimate the resources for each cleaning service at the specific facility adequately and organise the cleaning process so that will be simple and unnoticeable for you, yet efficient and obvious to your clients, visitors and guests.

We perform the following types of cleaning:

  • Routine cleaning: performed during the work shifts in order to remove minor impurities that appear during the shift.
  • Deep cleaning: expanded package in order to remove persistent, old or hard-to-access impurities. Cleaning can be done at the established scheduled (within the routine cleaning service) or as a separate service, when necessary.
  • After the construction works or redecoration: cleaning specific impurities caused by the construction mixtures and materials at the premises.

The optimum cleaning system is selected for each specific facility with account of intensity of its operation, flows of visitors and other peculiarities.

We also provide any non-standard types of cleaning services, which can be requested from our managers.

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