Additional services

Additional services

We can offer integral management of all the non-operating processes in your company, and we are always ready to do more in addition to the main standard types of services. The vast geography of our operations has enabled us to find the reliable partners from absolutely different industries all over the country.

What we can help with:

  • Pest and rat control: control over harmful insects and rodents.
  • Hire of equipment: from coffee machines and coolers to lamp poles and lifting equipment. Please contact our managers with any inquiry.
  • Freight handlers for work of any complexity.
  • Catering: cocktail dinners for events, corporate meals or any other type of catering. All the requests are also processed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Organisation of the reception service for events.
  • Complex relocation of the office: dismantling and installation of the furniture, packaging and cleaning of the premises.
  • Administration of municipal agreements: interaction with municipal enterprises, entry into agreements, adjustment and extension thereof as well as control over limits, registration of readings and control over payments.

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Famous local and international companies with which we establish long-term mutually beneficial relations.

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