Working for
AURIS Company Group

We appreciate your interest in our company and hope that our team approach will make it stronger.

The mutual cooperation between the company and its staff is the main principle on which all the internal organisation and relations are based on Auris Company Group. Healthy partnership that results in mutual development and success. We believe that the only way for the company to grow professionally and financially is when its staff grows and develops.

Auris Company Group always sets ambitious goals that can only be achieved by a well-coordinated team, with each member encouraged and satisfied with his or her working conditions at all the levels.

That is why we do our best to create a comfortable working environment, to pay the decent reward and to establish conditions for professional promotion, and always support a respectful attitude toward each other. We are pleased to know that our team feels this care and has been with us for many years. We value our people and endeavour to preserve the team even during the most challenging times.

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Family-like attitude to the staff

Support in different life situations, maintenance of emotional comfort and encouragement of coordinated interaction. We do wish our employees to feel happy at work. They are Auris Company Group, its driving force.

Space for development

Auris Company Group is big, so there are always career opportunities, and those who work conscientiously are always promoted. Moreover, professional development is one of the corporate priorities which is supported by the senior executives by all means. The inspiring and encouraging environment of single-minded people gives a sense of unity and stability and creates a friendly atmosphere among the colleagues.

People in the company, persons
Average service record (years)
Promoted in the company, %
Trainings conducted at the company’s expense
  • Stable wages;
  • Insurance;
  • Social guarantees;
  • Professional training;
  • Simple and clear work principles and algorithms;
  • United and friendly staff;
  • Work for a responsible and high-morale company that takes care of the environment;
  • Upgrades and innovation (modern equipment, advanced technologies).

Our clients

Famous local and international companies with which we establish long-term mutually beneficial relations.

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