Disinfecting premises from the coronavirus

Disinfecting premises from the coronavirus

When the premises are disinfected, we use the modern and efficient «cold fog» method, which destroys various viruses, including the coronavirus (COVID-19), and unpleasant odours. This technology helps treat all the surfaces at the premises promptly, either firm or soft or textile ones. The steam gets into the most hard-to-access places and creates not only a safe environment, but also a pleasant smell.

Summary of the method for disinfection with «cold fog»

The special equipment is filled in with disinfectant, which is certified and absolutely safe. It is sprayed as cold steam then. The particles of the fog are so small that they leave no traces and spots, contrary to wet disinfection of the premises.

Pros of the «cold fog» method:

  • It gets into the hard-to-access places that are hard to reach or cannot be reached by wet disinfection.
  • Office equipment, soft furniture, electronic equipment and other places that cannot undergo wet treatment can be treated.
  • A high level of safety for people and the environment is ensured.
  • The premises are treated quickly.

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