How we work

Our company keeps moving forward. We are changing and adapting to the market, time and customer needs. However, our intentions are always based on the unfailing working principles that define who we manage to achieve the best outcome.

Our work is not unique, but the performance is.

  • Consistency;
  • Responsibility;
  • Performance.

Working process

Launch of the project
Introduction and testing
Continuous improvement cycle *

* Continuous improvement cycle

Launch of the project
  • Duration: 7 days to 1 month before the start of the work.
  • Examination of the terms of reference and preferences together with the client.
  • Appointment of the project manager, recruitment, selection of equipment, tools and other necessary resources.
  • Development of the key performance indicators (KPI) and claim management.
  • Approval of the quality management plan.
  • Clarification of the HSE measures.
Introduction and testing
  • Duration: one month following the start of the works.
  • Training of the team on the operational rules for the facility.
  • Adaptation of process charts, timing sheets and operating standards to the specific facility.
  • Testing of the optimum strategies for communication with the client’s staff.
  • Testing of all the project resources (staff, equipment, instruments, devices, tools, etc.) and optimisation of their distribution at the facility.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reporting.
  • Duration: permanent and continuous process.
  • Internal audit.
  • Receipt and examination of feedback, preferences and claims from the customer based on the KPI and processes.
  • Overview of improvement methods.
  • Development of the improvement plan.
  • Endorsement of the adjustment plan by the client.
  • Implementation of the corrective actions.

We value:

  • We set our goals with the clear and measurable indicators, monitor their achievement and, together with the client, assess performance in each project. It encourages us to keep developing and helps record our results.
  • We are open to new ideas and proposals from our staff and clients, who are involved into the process or project more than anyone else and understand how it can be enhanced or improved. We value proactivity and believe in innovation.

We are responsible:

the client

for the quality and timely provision of our services.

the team

for working conditions and favourable working environment.

the environment

for cautious use of its resources.

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